Spring 2015

Well The BFG was a blast! It was a great bunch of people to be in such close proximity to for two months and I really enjoyed spending so much time behind the drum kit again. In fact, I've had lots of drum kit based ideas for the future but I'll say no more on that for now...

Right now it's all about the new UFQ album, "The Escape", which will be out in May. We recorded all the percussion with Andie Thompson at the marvellous Gig House studio in Leamington Spa. It was a real treat to record with such good gear in a really lovely sounding room. Finishing touches are going down now and we're very excited about our first release with the new lineup and our first proper "studio album". We're touring throughout May and the summer's already looking like it'll be a corker, with trips to France and Belgium and I'm particularly excited to be visiting Denmark for the first time in November. I'm also making one of my guest appearances with Gilmore Roberts at The Costa Del Folk Festival, Malaga in March, which is bound to be a hoot and a half.

I've just returned from London where I guested on Midsomer Murders : The Album, which was a very interesting session! The album is to accompany the episode The Ballad Of Midsomer, set at a folk festival... in which you might spot my little ginger face. Man's gotta eat.

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