Autumn 2015

Well here we are again! After another beautiful UFQ and Folk Ensemble festival season, which seems to be only just over, we're getting ready for the UFQ's autumn tour throughout October and November. This is The Escape Tour Part II, on which we'll be playing the entirety of our latest album "The Escape" in amongst some back catalogue favourites with a few little tweaks and surprises, across the UK and in Denmark. I'm very excited about this, as the lineup continues to really get its teeth into the music. Click here for details.

The last couple of months has seen a real influx of new projects for me, across creative spheres. I've had a lot of experimental fun designing a couple of flyers for free-improv nights that I truly believe to be some of the most creative musical hotspots in Brum, as well as working on photography and album art for a great young band, Threaded - more on that soon. I've also been doing some serious graft (with an enormous amount of help and tuition from some wonderful human beings) in the house and garden for the launch of my new "digs" enterprise for touring performers - even more on that soon!! Finally, arts-and-crafts-wise, I've knocked up a limited run of new tee shirts for the UFQ tour...

Musically, I've been spending a lot of time back behind the kit, with the launch of Jim Wynn's Swing Orchestra (video below) focusing mostly on Ellington transcriptions from the 30s and 40s, which has been a great motivator for sitting back down at the round drums and shedding some swing, whilst spending a lot of time with some classic old records. It's been lovely to play this band's early gigs in the company of swing dancers, working on tempos and feels, whilst we find our feet.

I also guested with Birmingam-scene-stalwart Jonathan Silk's big band on percussion and am really excited to be recording with the ensemble in the new year. This led to me being part of Jonathan's new African-inspired project Sizwe (video below.) It's a dream improv gig for me, sitting with hand drums and percussion all around me, in between two of my favourite jazz drummers, Silky and Euan "The Palminister" Palmer, with a host of top Birmingham improvisors making up a huge sounding ensemble through Silky's arrangements.

I must just say a huge thank you to Istanbul Agop Cymbals and BR distribution for my beautiful, beautiful new collection of discs of metal... 

There are some very exciting projects ahead via team Broughton, leading into winter and next year... but that's for the next blog post! In the mean time, see you somewhere? Did I mention the UFQ tour!?

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